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Moving my site to WordPress from RapidWeaver has been pretty smooth. I know basically nothing about coding, but thankfully lots of smart people generously share what they know and I can copy it (always cautiously, as not all advice works in all situations).

I’ve just played around with the comment function thanks to these folks:

How to Change “Leave a Reply” in WordPress from Jason Artman at itstillworks.com.

How to: move or remove the “Leave A Reply” link in the Twenty Twelve theme from Stefan Johansson.

Pullet Eggs

We got two new hens at the end of May, red ready-to-lay pullets. The two older hens welcomed them with lots of squawking and some feather pulling, but they are slowly getting used to each other.

On Tuesday morning, I found the first tiny egg in the dust bath the new gals had created in their section of the run, then another in the afternoon by their feeder. I decided to let the four of them run together all day on Wednesday after nearly three weeks of living next to each other.

Within a couple of hours of being together, the two new hens figured out from the older ones that the nesting boxes in the big coop are where you go when you get that feeling that you have to lay an egg. Without a handbook, wiki or support forum to consult, they figured it out, just like they did making their dust bath only minutes after leaving the cage they came home in. The older hens are still doing some chasing and yelling, but things have calmed down a lot. 

Pullet eggs are about 2/3 the size of regular hens eggs. They will lay these small eggs for about a month as they grow to their full hen size.

Start small, follow your instincts, watch those with more experience, don’t be fancy, and find the right nest box. Good lessons learned from our new hens as I start a blog for the second time. I have a feeling this one might stick if I start small, so this is my pullet blog.