Family History

1. Interviews with my great-uncle Everett L. Hardy (1901-1996) in 1995. He was a wonderful storyteller and had a great memory for details. He was also a kind and generous man. Transcribed by me from cassette tapes.

2. The last will and testament of my great-great-grandfather (Robert>Barbara Ann>Thelma>Vivian>Thelma) Robert Williams (1834-1893) of Poplar Grove, Lot 12, Prince Edward Island. Robert’s eldest son, Harry Wellington, was known as Little Harry and was a renowned builder of homes and churches in Prince County in the early 1900s. Will transcribed by me, with the kind permission of his great-grandson, Robert Williams, and his wife, Sandra Williams, who own the original copy; they also live in Little Harry’s beautiful home, and still have the original barn, complete with horses and other animals.

3. Ernest A. Hardy (1877 – 1946) was a fisherman, lobster cannery owner, and the keeper of the Little Channel lighthouse on the north shore of Prince Edward Island from 1917 until his death. During the Second World War, many civilians contributed to the war effort close to home. German U-boats were often detected in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and Ernest Hardy’s lighthouse was situated on this body of water. He would have been contacted by the Royal Canadian Air Force to “Watch and Warn”, as stated in the motto of the Aircraft Detection Corp. In 1944, the RCAF sent Ernest a Certificate of Service for his assistance in the war effort. I don’t know if he ever reported anything to the RCAF, but he would have cast an expert eye to the sea and sky on his twice-daily trips to faithfully tend his light.