1960 West Prince Fire

House and Store 1960 Fire
My grandfather’s house, our house and store during the 1960 West Prince Forest Fire. Photo by Ruby Smith

Huge forest fires destroyed homes, barns, animals, and hundreds of acres of woodland in the western part of Prince Edward Island during August and September of 1960. My mother, Vivian Phillips, compiled a scrapbook of newspaper clippings over those weeks, and that scrapbook became a popular reference tool for school students and history buffs.

The scrapbook became fragile with age and it was starting to become difficult to lend it out, so I transcribed the articles. The clippings came from three Prince Edward Island newspapers: The Guardian and The Evening Patriot, both published in Charlottetown, and The Journal-Pioneer, published in Summerside.

There are three PDF files in total. Please note that if you will be printing this document, the pages are formatted for 8.5″ x 14″ (legal size) paper.

Part One      Part Two     Part Three

Memories of the 1960 West Prince Fire was written in January 2001 by member of the Happy Valley Seniors group of Tyne Valley, PEI. Although the group has disbanded, the Stewart Memorial Healthcare Auxiliary has taken possession of their archives, and this document was found there.