A Dilly of a CSA Box

Today was our first veggie box pickup from Webb’s Vegetables at the O’Leary corner. My spring went a bit pear shaped and my vegetable garden suffered as a result, but Steven noticed on Facebook that Webb’s offer a 12-week vegetable box subscription and I jumped in for the first time.

We received a lovely early season selection of produce that makes many an Islander’s heart sing: new potatoes, yellow beans and carrots. I can report everything was delicious.

Just past Webb’s is probably my favourite ice cream destination in the world, the Dairy Royal. It’s not flashy, they don’t have food other than potato chips, and they only took cash up until last year. It is handy to the Mill River Golf Course, where I spent many hours as a child following my father as he played and then as a junior golfer myself. The Dairy Royal was often a stop on the way home from 18 holes, a strawberry milkshake for my father and an ice cream cone for me.

They make their own dilly bars, but couldn’t get the chocolate dip needed to make them last year, so I felt like I was six years old again as I walked up to the tall order window and asked if they had dillies this year. Yes, they had dillies, and soon I had one in my hand again, in it’s paper sleeve, a generous dollop of ice cream with a very nice curl. It was perfect. Steven had an ice cream sandwich, the server advising that the cookie was still a bit crispy as they had just made them yesterday.

So, the O’Leary corner is not just for the hockey player doughnut shop, at least in the summer – there are wonders to be found.

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