Whole Earth Catalog on CD-ROM in HyperCard

This Whole Earth Catalog CD-ROM emulator looks incredibly neat, but I’m unable to load it here in Slow Internet Land, so wishing my fibre op pals happy nerding! Another great project from the Internet Archive.

2 thoughts on “Whole Earth Catalog on CD-ROM in HyperCard

  1. Peter Rukavina

    The Whole Earth Catalog and HyperCard together is an almost perfect Reese Peanut Butter Cups union of two aspects of the popular culture with a following that is both fervent and restricted to a narrow band of people, people of an age to experience both at a sweet spot in our lives. Most of these people may have been born in 1966.

    1. Thelma Post author

      1966, the year of the techno-hippie babies (with a little disco thrown in for good measure.)

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