iskwē acākosīk is not iskw ackosk

This popped up on Stingray Music station I am listening to, and I was certain someone was now employing cats to do data entry:

“I know I’m out of touch, but this is a band and album?,” thought the old lady who is now me.

DuckDuckGo helped me find this fantastic person, iskwē, who has a new album, acākosīk, coming out in November. Her website helpfully explains that “she has adopted Standard Roman Orthography to write her name.” Seems the line over some of the letters in her name and album title are called a macron, but in Shaw Direct’s system, the macron just works to make the letter under it disappear. Too bad we can’t manage to honour Indigenous artists by at least being able to use their preferred spelling.

Wela’lin, iskwē, for this beautiful song.