It used to be called a 5-in-1, and now some upgrade it to a 9-in-1, but the uses for the handy painter’s tool really are infinite. Cleaning a paint roller with it will change your life, I promise.

Yesterday I used mine as a handy edging guide while painting our boathouse, and also to nudge a little green bug away from wet paint.

4 thoughts on “∞-in-1

    1. Thelma Post author

      The building sits up a short hill from the river and there once was a way to haul a speedboat up into it, so it started life as a boathouse and the name stuck. Speedboat and hauling mechanism both long gone, so it’s now my workshop/storage/stray cat house. Think rustic shanty/eyesore rather than Great Gatsby/Muskoka party palace.

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